Today Will Be Different

Ever have one of those days? You know the one I’m talking about, right? A day where every to-do on your list goes slightly awry in a way that’s at least 50% your fault. A day where your mouth gets you into trouble as a careless comment is most definitely offensive to at least one person in our general population. This slew of missteps and hiccups and run-on sentences in your head leaves you with whiplash because GOD, doesn’t life suck sometimes.

If any of this sounds familiar, then Today Will Be Different is a novel after your heart. If my previous paragraph left you with a weird feeling in your gut, then congrats, you’re more of a functioning member of society than the rest of us.

Today Will Be Different is about 40-something Eleanor- a former graphic artist turned stay-at-home mom, a former New Yorker turned Seattle citizen. She’s essentially running around Seattle like a chicken with her head cut off, following one “clue” after another. The mystery she’s trying to solve? Where her husband has been going for the last week if he hasn’t been going to work. The REAL mystery she’s solving? Why she is literally acting batshit crazy. Not in an “insane asylum” kind of way, in a “LADY, get your shit together and try to act like a normal human” kind of way.

While reading Today Will Be Different I was surprised by how quickly I became enraptured with Eleanor. Specifically how exactly her brain ticks- the way she thinks, one thought jumping her to the next action, no matter how irrational it seems to the reader. TBH, I can seriously relate to that. Most of the time her behavior is face palm, cringe WHY’D YOU DO THAT worthy.

This was a novel that hinged on its protagonist; its credibility and appeal to readers would make or break with this one character. Eleanor is intellect, creative, funny as hell, and also out of her mind. But for this I love her, and it made the novel a huge win for me. As someone who has done their fair share of random, hilarious, uncalled-for activities in her life, I sure as hell can appreciate a character as batshit crazy as me.

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