Summer Reading: The Girl on the Train

Sorry folks, but summer is O-V-E-R. I for one am not mourning this seasonal loss- it was hawt as HELL and my air conditioner-less apartment heats up like a hot pocket.

Something I did seem to accomplish in these last few lackadaisical months is finishing the novel The Girl on the Train. Ever since I heard Kanye’s “Heartless” remix in the movie trailer, I was hooked on this story.

WHO DID IT?!?! No spoilers here, sorry not sorry. Here’s an ever-so-brief summary of the novel to tide you over though:

Small English town outside of town (even though the movie will be set in upstate New York)

Emily Blunt: ex wife of Jason Theroux, alcoholic, avid train-rider (yes, apparently that’s a thing.)

Jason Theroux: Emily’s ex-husband, already has a hawt wife & newborn baby to occuupy their house.

Blonde woman who apparently loves sucking fingers: Jason’s next door neighbor, mysteriously disappears one afternoon…

The Gist-
Emily obviously has some major issues she’s battling in her personal life, but once she sees something from her train window, she can’t help but intercede. Where has blondie gone? Can Emily help solve the mystery? Things are about to get messy for these upstate alchies and sex fanatics.

Should you bother?
YES. If you’re a fan of Gone Girl, you’ll love this. Dark, twisted, mysterious, basically everything I want from a book. These are the kind of novels that I can’t put down, and I obsessively think about until I finish. It’s not one of those “let’s read one chapter a night” books if that’s more your jam.

Now onto the next! I’m currently reading The Nest, a more light-hearted family dramedy. Don’t worry, I’ll give you the 4/11 ASAP. Till then…

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