New Orleans: Cake Crawl 2016

“Cake Cake Cake Cake… Ooohh baby I like it… You so excited… Don’t try to hide it… Imma make you my bitch.”

Much like Rihanna, I’m a big fan of cake. There’s nothing in the world that’s captured my unconditional love and admiration like desserts have. Big or small, sweet or tart, vanilla or chocolate, I WILL EAT IT. My mother legit had to ban me from making anymore fudge during my High School years.

So for my 24th birthday, there was no better way to celebrate in NOLA than to go on my very own CAKE CRAWL. Who needs alcohol to celebrate when you have 5 lbs of cake to consume in 24 hours? I’m not going to lie, y’all. I was good for a few more slices of cake that day- I hadn’t hit my “glass ceiling” of sugar consumed. It’s nice to know that even with age, my sugar tolerance has stayed strong within me.

Here’s the scoop on my four cake samplings…

  • Chocolate cupcake from Cake Cafe, $1
  • Salted Caramel cupcake from Bittersweet Confections$4.50
  • Coconut cake from Croissant d’Or$4.50
  • Mocha cake from 12 Mile Limit, $6


Most Likely to be Eaten in One Bite…. Chocolate Cupcake!
Most Overpriced…. Salted Caramel! Sorry, not sorry. #ballinonabudget
Best Cake paired Coffee…. Coconut!
Most Unique…. Mocha!

Congratulations to all the cakes out there. Don’t forget, you’re all winners in my heart.

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