Date Box: why did I pay for this?

“UGG boots are my longest realtionship 😦 “@lenadunham

As a young female ballin’ on a budget, I try to cut corners where I can. Hence the dirty looks baristas throw my way when I take 20 packets of raw sugar. But I, internet friends, do have a weak spot. An achilles heal, if you will. That is….. subscription boxes.

Sorry if that answer answer was underwhelming, but I speak the truth. Those damn monthly subscription boxes JUST GET ME. Come on, who doesn’t love coming home to packages in the mail?! It’s an endorphin booster. I also love the idea of the companies curating the products for you; it leaves an air of mystery to the whole process.

Unfortunately, not all subscription boxes are success stories. Here is my epic failure of the Date Box:

I first heard about Date Box on Jade Roper’s snapchat (she was a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise last season, and has been giving endorsements out the wazoo ever since.) She showed the “Date Box,” a subscription service that delivers a box of date ideas each month, and provided a coupon code to get your first box for $20.

You say coupon, I come running. I signed up for a Date Box for the month of February at a discounted $20, and eagerly awaited this glorious package in the mail. When it was finally delivered, the novelty wore off fast. Here’s a recap of my thoughts along with photos of this AMAZING Date Box (please see my word choice as sarcasm here):

FullSizeRender 6


Pamphlet on “Selfless Love”
IMG_2728 2
Chamomile tea, Ghirardelli chocolate, Spotify playlist, online massage lesson, lotion
FullSizeRender 5
“You are every Reason every Hope every Dream I’ve ever had.”


  1. I got the first box for $20
  2. The design of the actual box was sleek, stylish, and on-point with their brand
  3. Ghirardelli milk chocolate squares were provided aka MY JAM



  1. $20 is way too much to pay for this crap
  2. The contents of the box were lame-o
  3. How is this a “date”? An online massage lesson. Really.


IN CONCLUSION, I do not recommend Date Box. It’s not worth the money, and was a huge letdown. But don’t fear- I won’t let this failure weaken my love of subscription boxes.

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