How To: Morning Routine

I have an almost perverse interest in people’s morning routines. What do you choose to do after crawling/jumping/falling out of bed? My high school bestie would wake up early on Saturday mornings to drink black coffee & watch I Love Lucy reruns. My next door neighbor walks her dog Lawanda every single morning to get a Starbucks coffee and muffin. In high school, I would (unfortunately) wake up to my mom buzzing away, cleaning the house circa 6 am.

Regrettably, I typically wake up 10 minutes past my alarm and haul booty down Santa Monica Blvd on my hour long commute. While dealing with the stereotypical LA nail-biting traffic, I look forward to finally reaching my desk, grabbing a cup of Morning Joe and rallying for the day with my morning gems. I’ve never been accused of being the most productive or timely human being, but I AM consistently guilty of being in a good mood. And honest blog, this morning routine is a savior in regards to starting my day on a high-note. This is how I rally:


Morning Gems 2, final

  • Americano+ Coconut Creamer= one happy, highly-caffeinated chica
  • Almonds on ANYTHING & EVERYTHING: pack in that protein early in the day- it’ll get you jumpin’ & movin’
  • Casey Neistat’s daily vlog: NYC-based filmmaker Casey is pretty much the essence of “cool” to moi. He does some of Vogue’s YouTube videos, he’s helping Karlie Kloss start her own YouTube channel, he used to have a docu-series on HBO, the list goes on and on. CH-CH-CH-CHECK HIM OUT.
  • the Skimm: Oprah does it. Reese Witherspoon does it. You NEED to do it. This email newsletter zooms into your inbox every morning, delivering the essentials in world news. The founders of this company, two lovely ladies, used to work at NBC news.Their motto, “We read. You Skimm.” Don’t mind if I do.

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