Makeup 101: Foundation

In girl world, makeup is deemed a frenemy. It’s that sweet mascara that gives you an innocent, doe-eyed look for a first date, but can just as easily be that bi-otch red lipstick that smudges on your teeth mid-convo with a drop dead cutie. FRENEMY.

But lets not blame makeup, people. It really is doing its best to keep us fresh-faced and beautiful throughout the day. It swears! So what’s the problem? We, gals, are the problem. We can multi-task into next Tuesday, but when it comes to makeup, things just turn into a sticky-wicket.

Hence, my new blog series, MAKEUP 101. Now before anyone gets their panties into a bunch, let me clarify. I am not a makeup artist. I do not know EVERYTHING there is to know about every piece of makeup out there. I’m just a 22-year-old who loves doing her and her friends makeup, and wants to put whatever tips i have out there into the universe. So this is me, putting it out into the universe. Accept it if you will.

Now, without further ado, may I present Makeup 101: Foundation

Makeup explanation

*Liquid foundation gives you more coverage. Essentially, you are painting your face with paint. While coverage is great for if you have acne scars or discoloration in pigment, you always run the risk of having a makeup line. We have all seen that girl with a visible line where she didn’t blend in well enough. So if you opt for the liquid route, just make sure to blend into your neck and ear area. BLEND BLEND BLEND. Liquid foundation is also great for people with dry skin. The moisture will give you a dewey look, and help with the flakiness.

*Powder foundation should be everyone’s fallback option. It’s easy to blend and easy to apply. So basically, it’d be difficult to screw this up. The down side? I personally feel you don’t get as much coverage from a powder. It’d be like comparing the opacity of watercolor paint to latex paint. But if you have a good complexion, a simple powder is all you need. Also, oily skin gals out there, a powder is great for you. Your face will still get oily during the day, but that powder base you put on will absorb that oil first, before you start looking sheeny.

*Prices: If you’re anything like me, then you’re on a budget. Although I love the high end foundations from Sephora, my bank account cries every time i swipe my debit card. Therefore, I’ve been opting for drugstore brands as of lately. Here’s a few of my faves, on both ends of the fiscal spectrum:


Drugstore: Neutrogena Liquid anything (their stuff doesn’t cause me to break out, lasts for months, and is under $15), CoverGirl powders (they’re the queen of compact powders)

Sephora: Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation (got tons of compliments when i wore this stuff- looks like your face has been photoshopped!), BareMinerals foundation (gives you a natural glow, and lasts all day)

Woah, spewing all my foundation knowledge really wore me out. Next week, I shall tackle concealers. Until then, I’ll be watching copious amounts of The Mindy Project and the season premiere of Scandal. I love me some dramedies.

blog ending